Memorable imagery and consistent communications help to differentiate your business from the competition and develop wider recognition of your brand. An effective design programme should work
in tandem with your business objectives. The most successful solutions operate internally to create a sense of direction for your business and externally
to improve your brand image and increase visibility.

Tatham Pearce have been applying these basic principles to create award-winning design solutions
for leading UK and international companies for
nearly 30 years. We specialised in:

• Corporate and brand identity
• Sales and marketing material
• Corporate, financial literature
• Art direction and photography

Running a large consultancy involves many
commitments and even though the company
was always busy, in 2006 David Pearce decided to reduce its size in order to focus on clients, design
and photography. I other words, using his skills and
a wealth of experience more directly to work with
a smaller group of selected clients.

We work in partnership with each client to
facilitate the type of thinking that drives the
creative process. We provide an exceptional
level of service, deliver innovative and practical solutions that often achieve commercial results
in a highly competitive environment.

All the examples shown in this website not only
look good but have successfully provided clients
with solutions which help identify themselves, communicate or sell their products and services.
Most clients feel their investment in our services
is well spent and the benefits are enormous.
This is why some of our clients have continued
to work with us for over 25 years -
Thos Miller since 1980, Gard 1981, Land Rover 1985, Jaguar 1987 and Maybourne (formally the Savoy Group) since 1987.